"da sempre il legno รจ la nostra passione"
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With advanced machinery and to the professionalism of its craftsmen, Domus Sicily is able to produce:

  • Outdoor frames: straight, curved, of all types, with swing doors, sliding in and out of the wall, sliding lifting, coplanar sliding, drop-down doors, horizontally and vertically pivoted;
  • Old-style frames: with bosses and shutters bossed and plain inside
  • Persian blinds: fixed and adjustable slats complete with padding for wall coating
  • Blinds: Tyrolean, with plain and diamond bosses
  • Mixed-type frames: glazed wood interior and exterior aluminium Persian blinds
  • Frames in pre-painted aluminium: all-aluminium both glazed and Persian
  • Wood-aluminium frames : wood glazing inside and aluminium outside
  • Outside entrance doors: solid wood old-style and modern with and without bosses and pantographed
  • Interior doors: laminate, with plain lacquered or veneered panel, pantographed and in solid wood with bosses, doors flush with wall in all available woods
  • Tailored furnishings for banks: (cash boxes, cabinets, writing tops, glass partition walls, drawer units, etc.)
  • Furniture for private homes: (kitchens, bedrooms, bookcases, cabinets, tables, etc.)
  • Tailored furnishings for business premises: shops, offices, chemists’, game rooms, churches and complementary items.
  • Staircases: structures made entirely of wood or mixed iron and wood or wood cladding of concrete staircases
  • Wood panelling and wood panelling of masonry walls
  • Outdoor furniture: sheds, gazebos, porches, canopies, parking, pool and garden paving with wood or PVC decking.
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